We will need around 18 meters of flat space to park our trailer. We prefer to pull up out the front of your house where possible and we will try to park in the most level & flat area or logical spot to accommodate your party. Sometimes, we park in your neighborhood street, so you might want to let your neighbours know (in case they may object) or let us know if you have a preferred spot for us. We might also have to block a driveway. **Please keep in mind that our game coach will not park anywhere that may cause a danger to persons, property or equipment. Our 4WD and trailer combination is very long and we will need a minimum of 18 metres of space to park. Additionally our game coach will never disconnect the truck from the trailer at a party/event without prior approval, nor park off of a hardened surface.

If your place doesn’t have the room for us, or if your property is on a bit of a hill, consider having the event at a local park, community hall etc so everyone can enjoy in safety and comfort.

If you can arrange access to a power point towards the front of your venue that is preferred, but if not we are fully self powered by generator.

Extreme Gaming can keep the party going even if the street’s power goes out!  Our Mobile Video Gaming Theatre is completely self-powered; however, we also have the ability to connect to the mains power, which is the preferred option.


* Additional charges apply to use our generator

Note: If we do connect to your mains power, it is your responsibility to check that we have re-connected any existing leads correctly at the conclusion of the party.  Extreme Gaming and/or our employees will not be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries.

That’s why we bring our game coach! He helps the gamers, inspires and instructs. We make sure it’s the party of the year!

Extreme Gaming features the top games available for XBOX ONE and Xbox 360.

We regularly update our games catalogue. If you have a special request or a ‘must play’ game please call us prior to your event and we will do our best to accommodate you. You are also more than welcome to bring your own games into the gaming theatre but this must be authorised firstly.

We understand the importance of providing appropriate games for your party. When you book your party, please let us know your concerns and we will address them on an individual basis and will make inappropriate games unavailable.

Extreme Gaming Mobile Video Gaming Theatre will not play any “M” rated or higher game in the video game theatre without a request from the client prior to the party/event or adult approval. If you wish to have an “M” rated game or higher at your party/event please contact us, indicating the game you prefer (this must be suitable for all ages in the Gaming Theatre).

We come rain, hail or shine, — we are climate controlled!

The Extreme Gaming trailer was designed for all types of weather conditions. The theatre is insulated and climate controlled with heat and air conditioning. There may be occasions when the weather does not want to co-operate with your scheduled party. In the event of severe weather, lightning, very high winds, flooding and/or extremely heavy rains, we may (and reserve the right to) reschedule your service to guarantee the safety of you, your guests, our staff and equipment.

If the threat of these storms threatens your party and you are aware in advance (pending or anticipated storm, tropical storm or cyclone) please contact us to reschedule.

We will arrive approximately 10 to 15 minutes prior to set up and rest assured, our door will be open for your guests by the start of your party time!

A $100 deposit is required for all party bookings to reserve your date and time.

This is a non refundable deposit however we allow a change of date and / or time with a $25 rebooking fee if the change takes place at least 14 days prior to your event.

The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event.

NO REFUND given if your reservation is cancelled within 14 days of your event.

Once your party is booked we will send you an email confirmation within 24 hours.

We will also call you the week of your party to touch base and then text you the day of your event to give you that peace of mind that we are coming.

There will be a number of payment options clearly stated on the invoice which will be emailed at the time of booking.

We require the final payment at least 14 days prior to your party date.

If you book within 14 days of your party date, full payment is required at the time of your booking.

After your party has been confirmed and paid in full, we mail invitations to you at your billing address, so you can hand out or mail to your guests.