Tired of throwing the same old birthday parties? Looking for the coolest birthday party for gamers of all ages?

Extreme Gaming provides the ultimate gaming experience right at your front door in our luxury limo style theatre! It’s the perfect no-mess, no-stress birthday party experience that will make you the greatest parent on the planet.

Kids Party Package

  • Up to 18 invitations free
  • A gaming ambassador to assist your party
  • Every child at the party will receive an “Extreme Gaming” wristband


1.5 hour party


2.0 hour party


3.0 hour party


4.0 hour party 


5.0 hour party 


Every additional hour after is $100

Assumes we have sufficient street access and access to power. We can provide a generator for an additional charge.

An additional charge for travel will be added once we know your postcode. Contact the office for more details on 9829 8929.

(prices include GST )


Book online here and tell us about your event, the guest of honor and where to park. We will organise the rest with you.


Select the appropriate games for your party. See our list of games and ratings. You will have full use of our video game collection. Worried about video game ratings? Don’t be! We understand the importance of providing appropriate games for your party. When you book your party, you select the appropriate game ratings for your guests and we adjust the game library accordingly.


After your party is confirmed and paid for, we’ll provide up to 18 high-quality invitations, so you can hand out or mail to your guests.


We arrive and set up about 10 to 15 minutes ahead of your party. The look on the face of the birthday boy or girl when the Extreme Gaming Mobile Video Gaming Theatre rolls up into your neighborhood will be priceless.


Our trained game coach assists with the party to ensure a memorable experience.


At the end of your party, we pack up and head out. You just relax, no mess, no stress.